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Lori Siska
Heritage Makers
Independent Consultant

Our Mission and Vision
Heritage Makers is dedicated to helping you and your family discover, preserve and celebrate your family stories and heritage. We believe in strengthening homes and families with the heritage enriching power of storybooking. Storybooking is the unique process of combining photographs with personalized story text into one or more professionally hardbound storybooks. Heritage Makers is the first and fastest growing storybooking company in the world that takes memories to a new level.

How we do it:
Story is at the heart of all we do. Stories provide a way to discover the rich heritage of which we are a part. With Heritage Makers unique online publishing process those stories can be preserved forever in custom hardbound books and projects. Each project contains with it's pages a unique memory that can be cherished and celebrated.

Heritage Maker products are available exclusively through our sales force of independent Heritage Consultants. I am one of these professionals who bring the Heritage Makers products to life by sharing my own stories and demonstrating Heritage Makers products at in-home celebrations. I am there every step of the way to help you write and publish your very own story.

Our best product is our business opportunity. You can become a Heritage Consultant and share your story as you help others to preserve theirs. To learn more, click here.